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VR Demo

Last Updated January 25th, 2022
First launched December 2021

Our first VR + gameplay demo first launched in December 2021. Enjoy a relaxing time in space and listen to some of the latest music on Deep Space Radio. Try to find the Easter egg and give it a "bonk". This demo will become the "test flight facility" for your ships (NFT) so you can fly before you buy.

Top Down Shooter

Last Updated April 1st, 2022
First launched March 2022

The Top Down Shooter (TDS) aims to give you a different perspective. The 3rd person view and VR spatial controls are ideal for the RPG and strategy aspects of the game, and the TDS gives players the first glimpse of that. The TDS will also form part of the level editor! In the meantime, see if you can help the Interplanetary Union clear the entire asteroid field...

Paint Shop

Last Updated May 2nd, 2022
First launched April 2022



Last Updated May 11th, 2022
First launched May 2022

Anvil is an open-source story editor which enables players and indie game devs alike to get involved creating their own expansion packs for fun (or profit). You could also use the json files for your own games and make something entirely new, but if you do, definitely let us know about it! In this way we start the journey towards the “Plutonians Expanded Universe” as free and open as the Metaverse demands...


Last Updated August 3rd, 2022
First launched August 2022

Plutonians official world editor. 100% json based, build your levels in Anvil, then import them into Hammer to beat them into shape.


Last Updated September 30th, 2022
First launched September 2022

Consisting of three tools. Hammer: A content editor, Forge: The level builder, and Anvil: World and story creator

Test Flight Pre-Alpha

Last Updated October 1st, 2022
First launched September 2022

The Flight Test Pre-Alpha is the first public build of the Plutonians game engine, built from the ground up by our talented team of developers in the powerful and flexible Unreal Engine 5. For the first time, Plutonians will be able to get their hands behind the cockpit of Interplanetary Union space superiority vessels like the Centuria and the Venator! It’s called a Flight Test, because the team spent the most time on the physics and handling of the spaceships; this is the single most important element of Plutonians gameplay and one we really wanted to nail, so we focused all our energy on it first. We hope you enjoy it!


Last Updated October 31st, 2022
First launched October 2022

Not all NFTs are created equal. The Test Flight Facility (TFF) lets you fly before you buy. Get on the sticks and see what the stats and numbers actually mean in terms of real flight characteristics. You can fly any NFT with time restrictions, but if you own the ship the sky is the limit. The Test Flight Facility will form part of our NFT marketplace.


Last Updated October 31st, 2022
First launched October 2022

The range. Test new weapons as they are created.


Last Updated October 31st, 2022
First launched October 2022

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